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Welcome to The Intuitive Kitchen! My name is Jessi Holden and I’m a food-pun and beer loving registered dietitian living in the beautiful state of Michigan. I am married to my amazing husband Steve and (new-ish) mommy to my son Lincoln. I love cooking, being active, playing board games, getting outside, writing, and helping people like you break away from chronic and yo-yo dieting.

My passion and drive as a dietitian is to make nutrition livable, doable and fun for you. Gone will be the days of following boring plans or restrictive diets – life is about so much more than that. I help people enjoy their food without guilt and learn to fuel their body in a way that works best for them. I have a no-size-fits-all approach to education and you’ll learn that about me the longer you hang in my kitchen! 

When I went to school to become a dietitian I wanted to connect with people. I was pretty shy and not super confident in high school so I was determined to make my college experience different. I became an RA and realized how much I loved teaching and building/fostering a community. Fast forward to becoming a dietitian and I started my career working in my community as a cooking and nutrition instructor.

Me celebrating the launch of my business!

Fast forward again and we’re here in my own business, The Intuitive Kitchen, LLC! The kitchen is meant to be the heart of your home and I want to help that heart beat stronger than ever. I want to help you find joy in your kitchen and reduce/eliminate fear, guilt and shame. I will help you feel empowered and go from chronic dieter to confident cook.

I practice from a HAES and Intuitive Eating perspective. I truly believe we all can feel so much better banning nutrition fear mongerers, ditching diets/diet culture, and learning to cook freely in the kitchen. The problem with diets is they almost always result in yo-yo’ing with weight, all-of-nothing thoughts, guilt, shame, discouragement, frustration and more. Diets have made so many of my clients hate their kitchens, feel intense guilt while cooking and eating and experience loads of judgement towards themselves.

I knew then, that in order to do this people needed a community around them to help support and guide them when trying to make changes. I hope that you’ll join my community and come back here often. To stay on the up and up I recommend you listen to my podcast, The Intuitive Kitchen, hang out on Instagram, Youtube, or sign up for my monthly newsletter (below) for extra tips, suggestions, and upcoming events, videos, etc.

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If you’re looking for something specific, head to the work with me page or send me a message at TheIntuitiveKitchenRD@gmail.com.


Remember, with any change you try to make it’s about progress and not perfection!


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