Baby Yeti/Holden: Nursery & Preparation

As promised, and hopefully a distraction from all of the COVID news, I want to reveal our nursery to you all! Thank goodness for friends and family as I cannot fathom buying all brand new things. Have you ever looked at brand new cribs, chairs, and dressers!? Woof.

There was a time, however, that I started getting Pinterest envy. A little problem where you go on Pinterest and start feeling like you’re not doing a “good enough” job. It’s easy to do which is part of the reason I don’t go on Pinterest much anymore. I don’t know who said, “comparison is the thief of joy” but they were SPOT ON. So if you’re reading this and feeling envious of others’ nurseries…try to remember that your baby won’t remember a darn thing about it. Also, whatever you choose to do for you baby will be with love and that is all that matters.

So what did Steve and I do as far as a theme? Monsters and COLOR. It started with the four monster posters that Steve has had for years. I’m so glad we never got rid of them with all of the moving we’ve done! When Steve and I decided we were ready to try and start a family, I found the frames and put them in the soon-to-be nursery almost immediately.

After the theme was decided, the rest quickly fell into place. The dresser came from my sister who painted it a long time ago and had stored it at my parent’s house. The crib came from my friend at work and much to my dismay (at first) that’s a Lazy Boy with an adorable monster print fleece.

Side note, I do not love Lazy boys! Steve has two and they DO make excellent rockers and we’ve even got one in the living room since I know I’ll be camped there a lot after baby arrives. Who am I kidding, I’m camped there most of the time right now!

Also draped on the rocker is a beautiful quilt made by our family friend, Kathy. She even made a little coaster for me (see the orange nightstand by the chair) for my beverage while nursing! Our closet had doors which we took down quickly and Steve and his dad added the shelving.

Side note: Cats and our nursery

I want to add that Sofie, our calico cat, fell in love with the crib the moment we set it up. If anyone is looking for a trick (aside from of course shutting the door when baby is in there) line your crib with tinfoil like we did below. She went in it one time, hated the tinfoil and has not ventured back since!

The book shelves are probably my favorite! Thank you mom for the IKEA shelves which worked perfectly! After our baby showers and gifts throughout this pregnancy, we easily filled the shelves with books, baby’s first photo album, and a hairy monster too!

What else have I done to prepare? Well, if you can’t tell from the photos we’re well stocked on a lot of diapers (thank you to our friends and my sister for giving us so many!), wipes, and some ADORABLE homemade burp cloths. Our IKEA rolling cart is stocked with some snacks, new born diapers, wipes, nursing pads/lotion, and some fun/helpful books too!

I also took advice from other mamas out there and prepped for myself after the birth. I’ve already got some essentials to take care of me in the fourth trimester and a few more things from Amazon are on the way. My lovely gal pals also gifted me some incredibly comfortable nursing sleep bras and the comfiest shorts I’ve ever worn in my life. I’m prepared to live in them plus a nursing tank for the next month (or three).

There’s more where this came from…including padsicles in the freezer!

Focusing on the nursery is helping me ease the fear and anxiety I have around the birth amidst the pandemic. It’s a looming thought, like a rain cloud, that I have to actively choose to work away from. Lucky for us, we have incredible families who are champions too as we all accept baby’s arrival and first month to be different than expected. We have friends reaching out and thank goodness for technology and virtual capabilities. I plan to split my time mostly between Netflix and Facetime/video chats.

Anything else mama’s? Any questions on what we’ve got planned? I’ve also got a post about thirty household items we stocked up on about a month ago. A full post and free downloadable e-book about the foods I prepped for the first month of baby is coming too!

Until then…take care and stay SAFE.

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