Brewery Review: Pollyanna Brewing Company

Last weekend Steve and I visited my cousin, aunt and uncle in the suburbs near Chicago. Whenever we travel, we try to find a new brewery to go to so we can try some new beers! We went to the town that Chad grew up in and he had no idea there was a brewery there. Lemont, Illinois was lightly covered in snow and the downtown was old-timey but charming and it is home to Pollyanna Brewing Company.

We got multiple flights so we could try as many beers as possible. Plus, sometimes even if I love a beer I like drinking just 5 ounces. After a while the carbonation catches up to me and since I do not drink to intentionally get buzzed I want to taste many things, in a smaller quantity.

We tried the majority of their beers from their new releases, seasonals to their year-round flagship beers.

Steve’s favorite – Vanilla Personal Chain Letter with 10.1% ABV Steve did sip a full pour of this after his flight. Not surprising that this is his favorite since vanilla is a favorite flavor of his.

Jessi’s favorite – Maple Fun Size – which was a milk stout with maple syrup, peanut, vanilla bean, cocoa nib and sea salt. Doesn’t that sound incredible? Though this beer was definitely sweet, it was so balanced and smooth that I felt I was drink a maple twix bar and it was heaven.

On a side note, I tried their cranberry orange berliner weiss which was one of the first berliner weiss beers I’ve had in a while that truly made me pucker! It tasted like a little touch of Christmas.

In short, we both felt this brewery made great beer. While their seating area wasn’t the biggest there was an outdoor patio (open in a warmer season haha!) that gives them more opportunity to have more people. Their servers were great and we’d visit them again anytime.

What’s your favorite brewery? Any breweries Steve and I HAVE to go to? 


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