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Food Rules, helpful or no?

Food rules sound great until they’re unsustainable and make us feel like crap. Instead, work with me on making behavior changes over time that you can maintain happily.

30 Household Items to Stock Up on Before Baby

We’re about three months away from baby H making his or her entrance to the world. So I’m sharing some of the household things we’re stocking up on. Let me know if I missed anything! 😉

Combatting All-or-Nothing Thoughts

In my current line of work, I focus on helping others observe the environments they’re in and how we can engineer them to fit our goals better. However, this can be…

Meet the RD

Hi, Im Jessi! I'm a registered dietitian with a no size fits all approach to nutrition and life. I care about making nutrition livable, doable, fun and guilt free. Join me! Read More


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