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Coconut Cold Foam Cold Brew

September 2, 2020 No Comments

What do I miss right now during this Pandemic? Drinking my favorite cold foam cold brew from Starbucks! Also, walking around Target buying things I do and do not need. Okay, let’s be real most of what ends up in my cart are things I don’t need. I do not even like Starbucks that much but I tend to get that drink when I go to Target.

Silly me, I could have been making them at home this whole time! The one I get from Starbucks is salted caramel. I really like coconut, though, so I started with something a little different. I had a can of coconut milk in my cupboard calling my name so thus a recipe was born! You only need half a cup so you can use what is left to make my slow cooker coconut oatmeal recipe here.

What I will say is that the foam is fatty and I mean that in a texture sort of way. Fat is argued upon by experts as to whether it’s a “taste” or “texture.” I think that it’s both. If you drink this you’ll see what I mean!

Coconut Cold Foam Cold Brew

with or without added sugar

Course Drinks
Keyword coconut, coffee


  • 1 cup Heavy whipping cream
  • 1/2 cup Coconut milk *Shake or stir the can before opening and pouring
  • 1 tbsp white sugar Optional!


  1. Add all ingredients and use a mixer on high for approximately 2-3 minutes. Continue mixing if you want it thicker or stop sooner if you want it runny. I mixed it until there were foamy peaks when I removed the paddles.

Recipe Notes

Did you make this recipe? Send me a photo or better yet, leave a review or give me a rating! You can always tag me on Instagram @Holden_Nutrition!

See how easy that is? Whip it up today and have it on your cold brew or hot if you prefer!


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