Fifteen Chili Topping Ideas – Keep it Fresh!

Just cause I love chili, especially this time of year, and I thought you could use some new ideas for ways to change it up. By keeping your foods fresh, as in new and exciting, it keeps your food interesting – and you interested in it!

The other benefit of adding a variety of toppings is that it changes the experience. Is it melty cheese that sounds good? Creamy avocado? Extra pep from something like lime juice? When you change the topping, you’re changing the textures, flavors and aromas which in turn creates a different sensation in your mouth. Eating the same foods all the time gets boring AND forcing yourself to eat something when it doesn’t work for you doesn’t work in the long term (or short term really).

  • Greek yogurt / sour cream – I love the cold creaminess against any chili but especially one with a lot of heat.
  • Crackers – Because who doesn’t like some added crunch?
  • Cheese – Melty…mm mm delicious.
  • Cocoa – Throw in a couple tablespoons to your classic chili for a richer flavor
  • Avocado – Get your filling green & healthy fat fruit out and throw some contrasting color on your chili.
  • Lime / lime juice – I love the zing and brightness that it adds to each bite!
  • Noodles – Steve’s personal favorite and one of the only ways I used to eat chili as a kid.
  • Corn bread – Corn bread covered in chili or dipped in chili gives you some sweetness paired with savory and the two just sing together IMO.
  • Sausage/hot dog – Chop’m up or cover them!
  • Chips – My personal fave is tortilla chips with some white chili or black bean chips with traditional.
  • Mac n’ Cheese – Instead of just noodles, get out your favorite mac and have a little mac with a lot of chili.
  • Shaved carrots / other veggies – I love carrots in chili but it’s fun to add them as a topping. Try it before you hate on it!
  • French fries – I like baking my own out of regular or sweet potatoes and instead of enjoying my veggie on the side I put the main course right over them.
  • French onions – keep’n it French with Steve’s other favorite crunchy/oily (IMO) topping. I don’t looove these but Steve does and it’s another option!
  • Ice cream – Hahaha did I lose you? I’ve not tried this one but I’ve HEARD that just one scoop is all it takes (of chocolate or vanilla) to add cream and contrast to that secret chili recipe of yours.

If one of your 2019 goals is to have a better experience in the kitchen, cooking, eating etc…try one of the toppings above that is new to you (don’t forget to share how it went!)! If you’re making chili like I am this winter, show me on Instagram by tagging @The_beer_rd!


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