Five Reasons to add Flaxseed to your Eating Style

Hi, friends! I have missed you. Since we last chatted I got home from Belgium and finished the process of moving into our fist home. We still have more boxes packed than unpacked but slowly it’s becoming ours. Today, for my first post in what feels like forreeeevvveeerrrrr…I’m writing about something I’ve added to my eating style on an almost daily basis. Flaxseed!

Flaxseed IS something to add to your arsenal of food weapons. It’s not a magic pill, it doesn’t magically make changes in your body but it does provide an awful lot of good. I’ll start by trying to convince you to incorporate it into your meals or snacks and then how I like to use it as well. Also, I edited this just after posting so I could revise and help you understand the difference between flax meal and ground flaxseed, go to Manitoba Milling Company’s post here for the difference.

To start, you need to know that while things may have flaxseeds in them, our bodies do not break them down and therefore we won’t reap the same benefits from them. Cool, those tortilla chips have flaxseeds, they’re really good at getting stuck in your teeth like chia seeds but not for much more than that. I digress, here are my reasons to incorporate them into your eating style:

Reason Number One

They’re high in omega-3s that our body needs for various functions. Unless you’re someone who regularly eats avocados, walnuts, fish, and plant based oils…you may not be getting enough of these fats. Contrary to *back in the day* popular belief fat does not make you fat, read more about that here. The fat you get from flaxseed is anti-inflammatory and beneficial to your heart, eye, and brain health.

Reason Number Two

They will add more fiber to your diet which you probably know helps your poop stay in a group 😉 and also helps you feel full. It’s important to get fiber from a variety of sources and flaxseed can be a part of that. It is recommended that you gradually increase your fiber intake and check your water intake too. Otherwise, too fast of an increase might cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Reason Number Three

It’s incredibly simple. I like simple nutrition and while flaxseed is trendy and some people aren’t into that…I am! Trendy can be fun and easy food to add to our eating style to better our health. Two scoops (tablespoons) and boom I know I’m getting and absorbing more nutrients.

Reason Number Four

It could help in the prevention of chronic disease or strokes. WOW that’s kind of a loaded statement. Again it’s not a magic pill and it’s not a substitute for your medications but it does have ALA Omega-3 which supports heart health and a healthy blood pressure.

Reason Number Five

It’s not expensive. Buying a full bag from Manitoba Milling Company costs $12.99 for a full pound which lasts you quite a while AND I’ve got a discount code for you at the bottom of this post.

BONUS reason!

It’s versatile! You can add to it so many things like in the list below. Manitoba Milling Company sells smooth whole-milled flaxseed, milk, and bran and pancake mix. I enjoyed the milk in a smoothie but later I tried it with just granola and couldn’t get past the thickness. If you like thicker/creamy nutty milk, you might like it! It also doesn’t provide the same amount of calcium or vitamin D I get from Almond, soy, or cow’s milk which is the general reason I use or drink milk. Still, it’s another option!

Now that you’re fully convinced it’s something to consider trying…Here are some ideas for how you can add flaxseed into your eating style!

  • Smoothies / Shakes
  • Oatmeal
  • Baked goods
  • As an egg substitute (ratio)
  • Parfaits
  • Meat loaf / Any ground meat – I’ve added it to burger patties
  • In a dip or hummus
  • I’ve even had a client tell me she put it in an old spice container and sprinkled it on most of her foods from pizza to spaghetti

Point made, it’s a healthy item and it’s worth adding it for the heart health benefits alone. Do you use flaxseed or flax milk? What do you add it to? Has it made any changes in your health or your meals?

As promised, here is the discount code! It is valid on Amazon and at


*Disclaimer- I am a health and wellness ambassador for Manitoba Milling Company. They sent me these products for free. I do not receive any financial reimbursement for writing this blog or sharing the discount code with you. I was not paid to share my opinion, all opinions are my own.

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