Five things to do instead of Dieting this January

Louder for the people in the back! Let’s try something new, let’s get rejuvenated and restored through long term health rather than resolutions. Let’s learn how to work hard at progress and intentional behavior changes instead of berating ourselves for not being “perfect.” Sound good? Great.

Drink more Water

Borrriiinnngg. Right? Healthy lifestyles might include self-care such as bubble baths and massage. But more often, self-care is about water, movement, brushing our teeth, showering, and improving coping skills. Water happens to make up a large percentage of the body and plays an important role in transferring nutrients, maintaining temperature, excreting waste, and joint lubrication. That’s why I chose water as a fantastic behavior to work on this year. First, find out about how much you’re drinking now. Are you getting at least 64 fl-oz in? How is your urine, dark or clear? Assess first and then make a point to find out where in your day you could start a new habit of an extra glass or two.

Move in ways you enjoy

Don’t join a new club if you HATE working out in front of others. Don’t make a home workout plan if you know you benefit from structured classes. Be open to options and remind yourself that exercise/movement is not a punishment. Nor does it HAVE to be an hour in the gym, sweating five days a week. It can be five minutes here, ten there, and an extra walk after dinner. There’s too many “rules” out there about how much we should move. Look at what you’re currently doing and make small changes from there.

Assess your Fruit & Veggie Intake

C’mon, we knew that right? The thing is, we can know all sorts of things but putting knowledge into action is another thing. List out all of the fruits and vegetables you enjoy, do you notice any you’ve forgotten about lately? Every time I do that, I seem to forget I love things like frozen cherries, canned peaches, or roasted cauliflower. When I look at how I currently eat and see my list of fruits/veggies, I’ve just given myself options for how I’d like to increase this intake. Is it during a snack? A meal? Blended into a smoothie?

Be Kinder to Yourself

People often worry that if they are too forgiving, they will go off the rails or fall off the wagon. First, let’s all get off the wagon and just walk on a path toward better health. But that’s just it, we do need to keep walking. You might be on a healthier path but you might get run over if you’re not moving forward. Listen in to your inner critic, what are they saying? Can you challenge their comments with something more helpful or kind? Instead of, “this is pointless, I’ll never be able to accomplish my goals.” Try thinking, “I’m feeling discouraged and unwell, I’d like to feel differently and I could try ___, ___, and ___ in order to do so. Oh and by the way I’m a bad-ass.”

Join my Skill Power not Will Power group!

You got that right! I’m turning the idea of will power upside down and saying buh-bye to it all together. I’m not the first to challenge it, but I might be the first to challenge you specifically on it! Instead of starting the new year off with all-or-nothing thoughts and restrictions, this ten day group will start opening doors with options! Remember, our brains like binary choices which is why many diets can be so tempting. Our brains do well with, “yes this food is on my list or no this food is not.” Problem is, for most of us this is not sustainable and it’s more helpful to live in the gray, not the extreme black or white.

You can join by clicking HERE! You’ll get an email before we begin with how the group works and you’ll be invited to my private Facebook group for additional support.

What do you think? Any of these stand out to you? Share your thoughts below or additional behavior changes you’re working on, I’d love to hear it!

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