Five Ways to Add Vegetables to Breakfast

Let’s talk about breakfast for a minute because while is it an important meal (yes, they all are) it does not always feel intuitive to add vegetables to it. “Mom, I’ll take some pancakes, maple syrup, and some broccoli on the side.” Yeah, right!

Why add veggies?

Let’s review a couple of reasons to add veggies to breakfast and some simple ways to make it happen without broccoli on the side with your pancakes. Without a “why,” it is difficult to make changes stick. So ask yourself why you are doing something and/or how the change will benefit you.

  • Vegetables are full of vitamins and fiber. The newest Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend anywhere between 2-4 cups of vegetables daily for adults 19-59 years old.
  • Adding vegetables to each meal helps us meet our goal intake of fiber
  • Fiber helps keep us full and our digestive system operate smoothly
  • Vegetables provide probiotics which promote a healthy gut
How to add more veggies to breakfast
Plain riced cauliflower or a flavorful frozen pack like this make adding veggies to breakfast easy.

Now that we have a reason for making an effort to eat more veggies, how can we do it at breakfast time? Glad you asked! These are my top five ways but know that there are more ideas out there. Come hang out on Instagram and check out my highlight on veggies for more easy ideas.

  • Add roasted cauliflower or cauliflower rice to your scrambled eggs. To make it easier, roast a pan at the beginning of the week so all you have to do it throw it in the pan with your eggs
  • Throw fresh or frozen zucchini in your smoothie. It is very neutral and does not change the flavor like spinach or kale can. It also thickens it nicely if you like a thicker smoothie
  • Roast sweet potatoes and scoop some into your oatmeal. You can add some brown sugar, pecans and almond milk to finish it off or go savory and add chicken sausage and a scrambled egg
  • Open a can of pumpkin puree and add some to the next batch of muffins you make. You can find my pumpkin muffin recipe here.
  • Eat a salad! I know that might sound strange but a bed of greens like spinach with an over easy egg and some fried ham is a filling and different way to start the day
Pumpkin Muffins

Which way would you try first? I went for some non-traditional vegetables at breakfast time because I wanted to give you some new ideas. When all else fails, grab a granola bar and a bag of baby carrots on your way out the door! Any new way to get veggies in at breakfast might sound odd, but give it a shot and see how it impacts your day.

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