Fourth of July Apple Sparklers

Happy Fourth of July weekend!

I was inspired recently while talking with a client about pairing foods together. She said, “oh like apples and peanut butter right?” 😒 Don’t get me wrong I love that pairing but don’t we all know that one? Been there, done that.

I was in my kitchen (where I tend to get most of my inspiration) and thought…no, not peanut butter! What about whipped cream cheese? We paused and she said, “really!? Wait, yeah I’m going to try that!”

Thus, a new food pairing and delicious snack was born. To make it festive, I show you how I semi-formed my apple slices into a firework in my Instagram reel below. I went quickly because I felt pressure filming this and getting it done before Steve and Lincoln got home, but you get the gist of it. If you’ve got a desire to grab red, white, and blue sprinkles then you automatically have a delicious and holiday themed snack. Scan the QR code using your phone to head to my page.

Fourth of July Apple Sparklers

Course Side Dish, Snack
Keyword apples, kid friendly


  • 2 large apples
  • whipped cream cheese
  • festive sprinkles


  1. Slice your apples into match sticks and spread the cream cheese over each piece.

  2. Layer like a snow flake and sprinkle on the festivities!

  3. If you don't want to slice them this thin, just cut your apple however you normally do. Then take whipped cream cheese and mix in the sprinkles. Voila! Dip 🙂

Recipe Notes

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If you make it, will you let me know? Snap a picture and show me on Instagram by tagging me @holdennutrition 🤓 Have a safe and healthy Fourth of July weekend!

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