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Tis’ the season friends! I’m so glad you’re here and hopefully ready to get a few unique ideas for yourself this season or a loved one. These gifts have all been picked by me as I think they represent the beginnings or middles of a journey in an Intuitive Kitchen. None of these are affiliate links, I’ve not informed anyone that I picked out these items. These are just my personal recommendations for YOU!

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat 

This book is actually newer to me though I know it has been out for a while. I’ve felt captivated by it and feel it has SO many benefits to someone learning to cook or to enjoy cooking more. She takes her experiences, beliefs, and suggestions and shares them in a simple to understand way with unique illustrations too. She addresses that it is not your typical “here is a photo of the dish” recipe book because everyone’s food will look different. I LOVE that message and I think you’ll love it too.

Always Pan by Our Place

Maybe you’re going to take my course this winter (get on the wait list – submit your email at the bottom of this post!) or maybe you want a new pan that can be used for tons of dishes. This Always Pan is high quality, incredibly functional, light weight and decorative too – the colors are a great way to brighten your stovetop. They also have an “Always Pot” that could be a great staple as well.


Always Pan

Do you wear an apron? I think it’s a fantastic gift because I know so many people who don’t want to wear their nice clothes in the kitchen (though it may boost their motivation or mood) because they don’t want them to get dirty. Number one, that’s what a washer is for. Number two, get a durable, functional, and fun apron! I like the looks of this one on Amazon or this one from Hedley & Bennett (though it’s a bit pricey).

Coffee/Tea Mug

I love new mugs and I’m incredibly choosy about wear I get them. I want them to be connected to a memory or feeling. Too sentimental? It gives me that extra layer of comfort and nostalgia so choose your mug carefully! Even if you don’t drink coffee or tea (WHO ARE yoU!? Kidding.) you could use it to drink more water if your water bottle isn’t inspiring you anymore. Oh and if you need a coffee to go with this gift, I highly recommend any flavor from Schuil Coffee but my favorite is coconut creme right now.

Chef’s Knife

You can really get quite a range of knife suggestions when you start googling about them. I’ve found most chef knives to serve their purpose. Cut the food with ease and feel comfortable in my hand. My Wusthof knives are my favorite but I’ve got some colorful ceramic knives from Amazon that have worked really well too. While a kitchen essential list might tell you that you need ten different types of knives, just start with your all-purpose chef knife, you won’t regret it. If you don’t have a knife sharpener, you can use the bottom of a ceramic mug (just youtube a how-to video).

Kitchen Helper Stand

If you have a little or one on the way I highly recommend a kitchen helper stand. Lincoln has had so much more interest in food (and cooking) because he helps me prepare it often. Even if he’s just watching, it is giving him more exposure to how food is prepared and he seems more open to trying things because of that. I’m sure this will ebb and flow but to me, there’s nothing better than igniting a spark of joy and appreciation for food at an early age.

Intuitive Eating Workbook by Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN and Elyse Resch, MS, RDN

This along with their fourth edition Intuitive Eating book has reshaped my entire being as a dietitian. No, I’m not exaggerating. The research behind their work and the journal prompts in the workbook are equally incredible. This is a cheap and effective way to start learning about Intuitive Eating and how you can stop dieting and start living diet free. It does not mean you abandon health, but it does mean you abandon the false promises that diets provide.

Oils and Spices

If you’re a new cook and you’re excited to experiment then start exploring oils and spices! Locally, I love the Cheese Lady for my varieties of oils and Great Lakes Tea and Spice for their incredible spice blends. My favorite tea from them is roasted almond delight in case you needed another recommendation. Shop local or hell go to Tj Max and grab some new and exciting cooking elements to play with.

New cutting boards

Joseph Joseph foldable cutting board

There are TON of options but while I like the look of wooden cutting boards, they’re really best for things like bread or charcuterie spreads. That’s because the microcuts in them could harvest bacteria and no one needs an extra chance of food poisoning this season. My favorite are the Joseph Joseph foldable boards. My dad got one each for my sisters and I and it is still the best board I own! It makes moving your shopped food from board to pan or pot way easier.

What’s going on your list?

If you need a few stocking stuffer or just other ideas consider these:

Cooking kits (bread, soups, baked goods), rubber spatula (this one from Sur La Table is my favorite), a new journal to write about new food experiences, spices, salts, oven mits, a tablet holder / recipe book holder, a new can opener, or some positive mantra cards.

My last suggestion for you today is to consider joining my patreon group of cooks! Patreon is $10 per month and it’s a way for you to get exclusive content, monthly Q&A videos from your questions, sneak peaks on upcoming projects, discounts on products, courses and more! Please check it out by clicking here!

Happy Holidays and cheers to you all! See you in the kitchen!

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