Life Lately: How Are You?

Hello! I’m glad you’re here. If you’re interested, these posts are updates on my personal life, things I’m up to, and of course lots of pictures of Lincoln. Enjoy! If that’s not you’re thing, head here for a new Autumn energy bite recipe.

So how are YOU?

What a loaded question right? I say it all day to patients, coworkers, family, etc but I know there’s so much more to the typical, “I’m good” reply. When people ask me that lately, I try to think before I reply.
Sometimes I will say, “I’m good” because I don’t feel like getting into a discussion or sometimes I’ll say, “I think that’s a loaded question…as far as today goes, I’m okay!”
Life lately has been good. Steve and I are becoming more confident parents and feel happy with the teamwork we put in. It is a lot of work to maintain your family and social life, raise a child, cook meals, work out, house and yard work, individual time, finances and somehow keep your mind in one spot. Want to know what really helps us? A few things!

Things keeping us organized as new parents.

I have written down every weekly meal plan we’ve created for the last 12 weeks now. I enjoy cooking new things but when I need some easy go-to’s I open the notes section on my phone and we choose from there. This is one of many tips I have for meal planning that you’ll see in my free meal planning guide coming soon!! I typically do the grocery shopping while Steve starts tackling house work which works well for us. I meal prep at least one crock pot meal for Monday and I might chop veggies up for other meals depending on what we’re making and what our week looks like.
We also keep a big whiteboard calendar in our kitchen/dining area where we write in appointments but also weekly/monthly reminders. Otherwise, we both get bogged down with trying to remember it all in our heads. We also put meal plan listed on a whiteboard in our pantry cabinet door. This helps us at night, usually after dinner, if there’s anything that needs to come out of the freezer or that could be prepped right then for the next day.

Lunch time, Pumping, and Breastfeeding

Lastly, I’ve been packing my lunch even on days I work from home because it makes lunchtime / pumping so much easier. Oh yeah, still pumping that breast milk over here! I don’t hate pumping until I do my last session before bed. This session yields 2 Oz total I’ve started to lessen my time spent on it. My plan is to drop that one soon and see how my supply does.
Breastfeeding Lincoln is so different now at the five month mark than in the beginning. I really enjoy the closeness with him, even if he’s grabbing my face or trying to climb me with his feet. I will say that I wish it took less time but 30 minutes is his sweet spot. He is also starting to eat more foods! We decided, because he was ready a month ago, to start with some purées and transition to baby led weaning (BLW) when we all felt ready. So far he has tried sweet potatoes, banana, quinoa cereal, butternut squash, apple, peaches, berries, cantaloupe and avocado! He also is SO fascinated watching us eat I think we will start more soft solids soon.
On that note…Every baby is different and I know the new research on BLW is great! But just a reminder that you’re the parent and you get to choose as a family what the food journey looks like. I recently had someone tell me that they couldn’t believe I was doing purées to which I kindly said, I can’t believe you think your opinion on my baby matters 😉🙃

Mom Groups & Toxicity

I say that because I notice in different mom groups on Facebook the level of shaming and toxic positivity is SO prevalent. I was in a Facebook group and this poor mom wanted to start with a cereal, which we did by the way, and people flooded with, “don’t do that it’s just empty calories!” (Not true btw) or “We chose BLW and you should too!” Trust me, the comments got worse so I’ll spare you the details. If she wanted opinions on that she’d ask right? All this to say that the 100+ comments she got, I think I saw maybe four or five that said hey we did this cereal, hope your feeding goes well!
Now, is baby led weaning important to educate about? I believe that! I’ll be working on a post about it for the near future. Is it still important to do what you’re comfortable with and to make those decisions as a family? Absolutely.
It’s insane to me the level that unsupportive people stoop to especially right now. There’s enough uncertainty in the world so making a mom second guess herself just sucks. Moms already do that enough so just be supportive. Maybe I need to sell some moms support moms or a fed baby is best swag to help get the point across!
So…how am I? There’s a lot to unload. It’s Autumn which is my favorite time of year and I just made these awesome pumpkin maple energy bites that I bet you’ll love too! I cannot wait to get LP in the kitchen with me as he grows up. 🥰 I think he also would like to eat this exact combination soon —> but who doesn’t love avocado toast with a runny egg??
What’s going on in your life lately? I’d love to hear about it! Share in the comments or send me a message. ♥️


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