Life Updates~July 2019

Hi everyone, I have missed you. I haven’t written in what feels like forever but is really just two weeks. To me, the fact that it feels like forever is a good thing! It tells me that it’s something I miss and something I want to be doing more often. That’s also a sign to me that blogging is becoming more of a habitual hobby. All of of a sudden you don’t do it for a while and you miss it!

Enjoying a summery beer flight at Creston Brewery for Father’s Day celebrations

I thought since it’s the first post in the few weeks I’ve missed, I’d give a little update on the blog, life, and what my intentions are for the remainder of the year. Now that we’re into July it means we still have six-ish months to make the most of 2019 and that is just what I plan to do.

So what’s up with the blog? It’s got a new look! I decided to fix it up because I was not enjoying my previous “theme.” That’s just the word that describes the template in which you design your site. The other theme I used did not give me as much freedom so I took a tiny plunge and bought a new one. I haven’t wanted to put a lot of money into this blog, even though I have bought a new camera (but sold my old one), found new photo backdrops and props (mostly from Goodwill and Home Depot), and now bought this theme. Someday I’ll share a more detailed post on how I keep my food photography on the cheap!

This blog gives me peace, if you’re doing things that cost you your peace it is TOO expensive

How’s life you ask? Life is good. If you didn’t know or recently joined me, Steve and I bought a house and a day after moving we went to Belgium! You can read about Belgium here. Since returning, we’ve been going, going, going with house projects. Our house didn’t need any painting or remodeling which we’re grateful for but the projects still stacked up anyway. This hasn’t turned us off to owning a home, quite the contrary actually! I like projects and I like being hands on, it makes me feel accomplished and proud. Below is one of the projects Steve did in our hallway! He did an awesome job making sure everything was aligned and now I have a fantastic reason to pause every time I walk through the hall.

Our one year anniversary is coming! I’m glad I got wedding photos up beforehand

Another exciting life update! My best friend Laura got married! Her wedding day was so wonderful, it started with us enjoying a relaxing breakfast and doing our own hair and make up. She got married at a beautiful historic (and still functioning) train station in Duran, Michigan. I couldn’t be happier for her and Zach and it is always a blast dancing the night away amongst some of my favorite people.

Intentions for the rest of 2019? I’ve still got my list from the beginning of the year and the update here that you can read for specifics. My goals haven’t changed too much but I can tell you that the blog turning a year old in October is something I’m incredibly proud of. When I started instagramming (is that a word?) and blogging with a purpose, I wasn’t entirely sure what that purpose was. Shamelessly, I wanted it to be popular like the other accounts and blogs I’ve followed for so long. I wanted my photos to look amazing without studying or practicing the art of food photography and I wanted to get hundreds of followers instantly.

I’m not ashamed to say this because it’s real and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in this (almost a) year of blogging, being real is what’s most important. Each time I’ve started to doubt myself, I get a message from either a stranger or an old friend / acquaintance that reminds me why I do what I do. It also reminds me to continue to be confident in myself and above all just BE myself.

Like this shirt? Me too!

Any other changes coming for the rest of 2019? You might see videos coming your way, more for the mug club (just sign up for my weekly mailer!) members specifically, swag (?!I know right!?), and of course lots of recipes. Lastly, I’ve been looking ahead and doing more planning of the posts, recipes, and things I want to share. I have a habit of getting overly excited and writing down all the ideas but not planning out how to share them. I get overwhelmed then by all of my ideas and then do less of them. Again, I’m here to be real and honest so that’s what this post is all about today!

What are your intentions for the remainder of 2019? I can’t wait to hear’m! Let’s make the rest of 2019 memorable!

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