Mindful in May Final Week Summary

Hello friends and happy Friday-evening! This is a bittersweet post because Mindful in May is wrapping up but that does not mean the conversation is over! This wasn’t and will never be a “quick fix” or a “cure all” BUT I believe applying the basics (and next steps) of mindfulness can change your relationship with yourself, your food, your body, and more. Let’s recap shall we?

Day Twenty Three – What am I feeding my brain?

We give our brain more than food/fuel every day so what are you feeding it? Positive thoughts? Ugly reminders? Scary TV shows at night? My favorite quote about the brain is, “it’s not what I’m eating, it’s what’s eating me.”

Day Twenty Four – Mindfully Eating Emotionally

True or false, all of us are emotional eaters? True! Inherently, our brain seeks pleasure and the fastest and most regular form of pleasure it gets is from food. It’s normal to eat out of emotions and there’s nothing “wrong” with it. However, when this starts swaying into feelings of loss of control, emotional overeating or bingeing, then we need a stronger support system and the right allies to help us out.

Day Twenty Five – Mindful Drinking

FINALLY! Hah! I can’t believe it took this many days for me to bring it up. Mindful drinking is difficult because alcohol affects our cognitive abilities and our inhibition. You can still apply the same principles before going to get a beer (or your choice bev) by taking a deep breath, thinking about where you are, and slowly savoring the aroma, taste, texture, and smell of the drink as you go. If you’re struggling with this, hop on over to this post about beer options that are lower in calorie and don’t taste like crap.

Day Twenty Six – What Condiments are you Using?

Condiments are an easy thing to forget being mindful about. We can go on autopilot and start dipping our pizza in ranch without even thinking about what we’re doing. Am I alone on the whole pizza + ranch combo? I digress, get curious about what other condiments, seasonings, spices, and ideas you can come up with to change things up.

Day Twenty Seven – Reframing WHY you Eat!

Today’s suggestion fell on Memorial day which is a day that we honor and remember those who have perished while serving our country. While we all might be excited about having an extra day off of work, use holidays as a reminder to think about why you’re eating. You’re eating to celebrate this holiday so take a moment to calmly remember the why behind what you’re doing.

Day Twenty Eight – Where are you when you’re eating?

I cannot lie to you. I eat at my desk, the table, the couch, the car, the chair, downstairs, and sometimes…in bed. I know! I’ll never shame myself (or you) for deciding where you eat but switching the location up can help increase awareness. For example, I routinely eat baby carrots (or some kind of veggie) on the way home from work in the car. This week, however, I gave myself ten minutes to sit outside and catch a little sun while I ate the carrots. It totally changed my experience! Try it!

Day Twenty Nine – The picture say’s it all.

There is no perfect road, one track, one wagon, or path that leads to behavior change. It’s crooked, it’s different for everyone, and it can even go in circles sometimes. Be kind to yourself throughout your journey.

Day Thirty – The Brain Hears All!

My favorite quote of all time is by Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” What about how YOU feel? Yes other people’s words and actions will impact your feelings but what about YOUR words and YOUR actions? The brain is amazing at storing these negative thoughts so try to remember to give your brain a little more positive light.

Day Thirty One – Hooray!

You made it. You did it! I heard from so many of you over the course of this month and it seriously warms my heart. I don’t write here and post pictures on Instagram to get likes. I don’t do it just to get free food from brands (though hey, it’s a plus). I do it for you. I have always cared about people and all I want is to keep reaching you and helping you find a livable and doable healthy life.

In fact, my focus here is transitioning so you’ll be seeing a lot of the livable and doable words because isn’t that what we all need? We don’t need a fad that we can’t do for more than thirty days (or a week even). We don’t need someone shaming us that no gains are made in the gym without pain (SO wrong). We need livable, doable, breathable, and tangible tools that help us navigate this beautiful thing called life.

Thanks for being with me throughout this journey! Feel free to common below on what you’re going to keep focusing on and what you’re finding is working for you! If you missed the other summaries, go here for week 1, here for week 2, and here for week 3. With love!


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