Mindful in May: Week Three Summary

We’re three fourths through May (say that five times fast!) and I honestly cannot believe that. May feels like a blur with work being extra busy and nights are full of house plans/unpacking. My Birthday was this past Sunday though and the whole weekend was full of family time and an AMAZINNNNGGG charcuterie board my husband made. Charcuterie boards are probably one of my favorite foods next to bread pudding which will forever be my number one. Now that we’re approaching Memorial weekend though, I’m realizing how quickly Mindful in May is coming to a close.

That does not mean the end of mindful tips and suggestions though 🙂 I’m starting to find my calling here in my blog and Instagram…*Mindful approaches to life through food, drink, and more.* I discovering more about myself throughout this month and I hope you’re feeling the same. If you missed the summaries from the previous weeks, click here for week one and here for week two.

Day Fifteen – Acknowledge without Judgement

On Instagram I asked if people judged themselves (or ever have) for the thoughts they have about food. Guess what? One hundred percent said, “yes!” Not only do we judge ourselves for our choices but we’re judging ourselves for the thoughts we have…you cannot help what your brain impulsively thinks. Part of mindfulness is learning to acknowledge the thoughts we have and how to reply to them in a helpful manner. More to come on this topic!

Day Sixteen – Enrich your Life

From picking out succulents for our house, to taking a walk, talking with a friend, or adventuring to a new park. There are SO many ways to enrich your life! The more you focus on building these into your routine, the more positive you’ll feel as a whole. Guess what? The more positive you feel, the easier it can be to maintain new habits.

Day Seventeen – Check up from the Neck up

If you’re about to eat or drink something with guilt already swimming in your mind, try to put the food/drink down. I’m not saying don’t consume it or that you “shouldn’t” eat it, but doing so when you’re already thinking of guilt will not allow you enjoy that food/drink. Instead, take some time and sit with that urge to listen to your thoughts. What is your brain saying? What feelings can you identify? A lot of times we come to, well I feel stressed! But stress isn’t necessarily a feeling. Can you pinpoint what it is you’re feeling? I recommend talking out loud throughout this experience. What would you say to a friend who was having these thoughts?

Day Eighteen – Unfollow the Unhelpfuls

That’s right I came up with a new word! Have you taken a look at what you’re Instagram feed or social media feed is filled with? How many of them elicit positive vibes for you? How many bring up feelings of jealousy, disgust, shame, and hopelessness? I know those are heavy and we think…it’s just photos! But it’s not just a photo. Unfollow the ones that are not helping you on your path to mindfulness.

Day Nineteen – “We need to talk,” – your brain

What’s your inner critic saying today? We all tend to be so tough on ourselves so I encourage you to keep filling your brain with more positive self-talk. At first it might feel uncomfortable or different. Eventually, you might start to habitually compliment yourself or be less harsh on yourself and what do you think your life would be like if you weren’t so mean to yourself? Hmm?

Day Twenty – Body Gratitude

Ooooh…this is such a big topic to discuss because there is a LOT of information and misinformation out there about what body gratitude is. It is not about loving every piece of your body every second of every day. It’s about learning to balance in appreciation for the things your body can do. Instead of just hating my stomach, I thank it for being a strong core that allows me to dance and workout the way I enjoy. It helps me remember that my body is more than just an object that’s “supposed” to look a certain way.

Day Twenty One – Getting to know your Cravings

I love this photo because I SO enjoyed this donut more than I would have in the past. Before, I would just get a craving and eat anything I could find to “satisfy” it. Yeah, but that never worked and only lead me to be miserable, over-full, and disappointed. So now when I get a craving I try to decipher what I’m actually craving. Hot or cold? Crunch or soft? Sweet or savory? Salty? Doughy? What are my taste buds calling for? Did I have a donut at home on hand for this? Nope. When I realized I wanted a donut I still had to make the choice and when I thought about my week and weekend to come, I knew I could balance it in and enjoy the hell out of it. You’ll get there too!

There you have it friends, week three is done and gone! Onward to week four (and a half) because May is almost over. I’ll be sharing a downloadable soon with my top ten mindful tips. Would you be interested in a private group to join to discuss these things further? Message me below or send me an email at Brewtition@gmail.com. So much love, friends!

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