Mindful in May: Week Two Summary

Hello and happy Wednesday (evening)! We’re half way through May now and I hope you’ve felt some inspiration throughout the month or at least you’re getting more curious about your own mindfulness. This week I focused more on mindful eating techniques and ideas, but also the thoughts that go along with those.

Day eight – feeling in control verses in charge

This is a bit newer of a concept for many of us and I only just got inspired by the words “in charge” a few weeks ago. To me, it sounds so much more empowering than trying to be in control of your food choices. What’s the opposite of being “in” control? Most would say, being out of control and/or spinning out of control. That opposite is pretty extreme and the more we can work on things that help us stay away from two extremes…the better!

day nine – talk about them food groups

Fruits, veggies, grains, dairy, fat, and protein. What food groups do you want to get more mindful about? Some more? Some less? This is a great way to do a self-check up and assess how balanced you’re feeling. No judgement needed, but if you do a self-check and find that you’re only eating one vegetable per day it’s a cue to work on increasing those veggies.

day ten – the time it takes to eat

Have you ever felt like you scarf down your food and don’t even remember eating? Try timing yourself at one meal and see how long it takes you to eat. Four minutes? Ten minutes? One way to be more mindful is to increase the time it takes you to eat. This can help you enjoy your food more and make it an entire experience.

day eleven – pairing snacks

Two can be better than one! Sometimes one snack just doesn’t cut it, but that might be because it’s only one food group. Pair two food groups to increase the satisfaction factor! Try a protein and a grain or a fruit and a dairy.

Day twelve – Take a breath

We might be sick of this advice but guess what? It’s been around for so long because it works to calm down the brain, heart, and body! Before your next meal or snack, take a breath to help get yourself ready to eat and ready to enjoy the experience.

day thirteen – eat the rainbow

All of the different colors you can eat help to provide your body with different nutrients! A mindful check-in is to assess what colors you’re eating most often. Are you stuck on green? White? Try something totally different to add vibrance to your meals. We eat with our eyes first so make it colorful and enticing!

day fourteen – sparking joy

Has your food stopped giving you joy? Do you feel like everything is blah or you feel like the only way to get to your goals is to eat boring baby carrots? Guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way! While not every snack and meal has to be the most exciting thing you’ve ever eaten…why not try to have more of them spark a little joy in your life?

Did you write down these daily ideas? Do you need to go back through week one? Click here to do that! Take time to reflect on both weeks and see what stands out to you as one to two things you think are liveable and doable – right NOW. Then brainstorm ways you think it will work for you to incorporate them into your life.

Get ready, week three has already begun and truly…this is just the tip of the iceberg! 🙂


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