Mixer Sixer: Christmas Beer

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas – and the variety of beers out right now reflect that too. We’re also pretty sure Santa wants us to leave out beer instead of just milk and cookies to spice up his night.

In all seriousness, I used to drink around the holidays just to drink and I don’t remember absolutely savoring or enjoying anything in particular. It was just apart of our traditional things we do. So when I begin examining the reasons I eat, I also started looking at my choice in drink too. I like cocktails and wine too, but craft beer is definitely my favorite and when I’m enjoying my favorite Christmas beers, I feel no guilt. I just enjoy them and find myself drinking them more mindfully rather than throwing back a bunch of crappy watered down beers (my opinion 😉 ).

So if you’re doing any last minute shopping or you need something for the BYOB to the party…this mixer sixer of Christmas beers is for you!

  1. Prairie Artisan Ale, Christmas Bomb – Yeah it’s $9.00…but it’s worth every penny. Also, you’re paying $9.00 for a 13% beer that will light you up like a Christmas tree so it’s meant to be savored slowly. The aroma and the flavor favors cocoa, nutmeg and cinnamon. You may also get notes of vanilla in this boozy doozie of a beer.
  2. Short’s Brewing, Juicy Tree – If you love the smell of spruce, juniper and cranberries and you want to taste Christmas in a beer…this is the beer for you. It’s an American IPA but I wouldn’t call it bitter.
  3. Bell’s Brewery Winter White Ale – This is a good change up from a lot of stouts and barrel aged beers that we gravitate towards in the winter. It has Belgian ale yeast and a blend of malts giving it a clove and fruity aroma. I enjoy this beer more than their Christmas Ale which is a scotch ale, it’s just not my favorite style.
  4. Roak Brewing Co, Little Saint Nick Cranberry Gose – I can’t really get enough cranberries this time of year. This beer is light, a bit tart and a little salty. Just the way I like’m.
  5. Brewery Vivant’s, Your a Monster – It’s a gingerbread house/man in a pint of beer. You’re not going to find this unless you go to visit the brewery itself but I enjoy a good gingerbread cookie beer and this has to be a new favorite of mine.
  6. Great Lakes Brewing Co, Christmas Ale – It’s a honey ale with ginger, cinnamon, and drinks well while wearing an ugly sweater according to their website! This is a classic Christmas beer that will make everyone sing along with the Christmas carols.

Mixer Sixers for Christmas or any holiday are a fun way to try different beers, keep your taste buds guessing and savor the flavors instead of crushing cans of the same ol’ thing. But hey if that’s your cup of tea or “pint of beer” then have at it! Do you have a favorite Christmas brew? Happy Holidays!


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