On Tap This Week 10/25/2019

What’s on tap this week?

What I’m eating:

For lunch I made a homemade squash, pumpkin and apple soup. That’s almost the entire ingredient list! I love pureed soups but I also like to add texture back in. With this soup, I added something different every day such as chicken sausage, cheese, crackers or leftover brown rice. This provides additional nutrients and helps me use up the leftovers.

What I’m up to:

We’re in week fifteen of the pregnancy and little miss or mr is still causing mama to have a lot of fatigue. I’m sleepy by the time I’m home from work (I do get home fairly late) and I’m curled up ready for bed by 9:00 PM.

I still get some nausea and upset stomach, most often in the evening. I’m craving eggs and my only strong random craving was a meatball sub from subway – yes, it was delicious. Steve’s already done a ton of work on the nursery which feels great!

How I’m moving:

I try to workout at least five to six days a week. Though they are a different intensity than I’m used to and mostly I miss running. Due to my hip surgery last year, I had only just begun running in intervals before I got pregnant. I’ve tried a few times to interval run/walk and it’s simply uncomfortable. Now, I focus on yoga, pilates, weight training, stationary biking, and lots of walking. My favorite way to move lately is to take a hike and be outside.

What we’re drinking:

I’m not drinking any beer these days, but I thought I’d tell you what Steve’s been enjoying. He is drank an Imperial Brown Ale with Vanilla and Coffee by Mikkeler Brewing in San Diego. By the way he was sipping that beer slowly, I knew it was good! The name is Awful Gato which is fitting because Sofie has been a bit of a terror lately.

What I’m Reading:

I’m in a book club formally known as the Brunch Bunch Book Club with a few gal pals of mine. It’s been a great excuse to get together each month and to read something unrelated to what I do for a living. This month we had two books, “The Stranger Beside Me” by Ann Rule and “The Innocent Wife” by Amy Lloyd. I liked Rule’s book but I couldn’t understand her level of friendship with Ted Bundy and how she continued to send money and letters even when she knew he was guilty. The “Innocent Wife” I struggled with because I couldn’t relate to Sam’s overwhelming insecurity. Having her has the narrator and hearing her thoughts was too much for me. Though it did have some interesting twists near the end.

Aside from that, we’re celebrating some birthdays this week and next (both our fathers) and I’m enjoying the change to Autumn weather.

What are you eating or drinking? Up to anything fun? Tell me below!

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