Personal Update: 19 in 2019

Hi friends! What? You thought you wouldn’t hear from me while I was away adventuring in Belgium? Well, I wrote this ahead of time because we are near the end of the first quarter of 2019! I wrote the original post here, but I thought it would be fun to update you all on how things are going for me this year.

  1. Only post 3-4 times per month of quality content. I may post outside of that here and there but I plan on quality content which means less is more.
    • This is going well! Though I’m posting a bit more I’m in a much better rhythm and I’m working to always share quality content. I have drafts of posts I want to share, but they’re not quality yet.
  2. Continue using my helpful meditation tools like Headspace & Calm. Both help me reorient myself, breathe, and then help me manage stressful situations more easily.
    • This comes and goes but Headspace has definitely been helpful going to sleep. Moving into the next quarter of the year I’d like to use them outside of just my bed.
  3. Create my first e-book…okay this is a biggy! It’s not likely to be ready until after Summer but it is absolutely going to get worked on in 2019. If you’ve known me since my prior blogging days it was a goal back then too. 
    • Well I’m working on my first freebies so that has been fun! I’m proud of that work and I still want to write an e-book. Maybe in the next quarter that can get developed some more.
  4. Practice reducing negative self talk when my food photography looks like poo. I just tried to do some photos last night which was not smart (bad lighting, feeling rushed, etc) and they looked like poo which was actually kind of funny afterwards. Food photography/photography in general is a passion so with any art comes practice and I’d like to reduce the unhelpful stinkin’ thinkin’.
    • This is much better! One, I’m taking my time with food photography and only trying to do this on the weekends when I have time. Two, I’ve put less pressure on myself for a “perfect” Instagram.
  5. Run a 5k. I’ve ran two full marathons, multiple half marathons and other races so you might think…why “just” a 5k. For one, it’s never “just” anything and two, I had hip surgery in August and things are finally improving to where I’m feeling hopeful. I plan on finishing my walking program I’m on right now, add my new plyometric program and then start training for a 5k. 
    • Sadly…this is not going well. I’m experiencing pain still in my groin from the surgery and lately power walking hurts. I’m not sure if it’s too tight so I’m working with my PT but I’m open to suggestions. Read about the surgery here.
  6. Less is more. I love selling things on the Facebook Market place but my hope is to do a big garage sale this summer and really reduce the material things we have.
    • This is a win! I’ve made about $500.00 so far selling things online. It feels good to reduce the material items we have.
  7. Practice mindfulness! This is something I practice regularly but there are times where I’ve left a party, an outing, a friend/family’s house and I just didn’t feel I was present. Maybe there were other things on my mind or who knows what but it’s a work in progress.
    • I am working on this! I do feel like I’ve kept my phone away more which continues to help me be present.
  8. Train Sofie not to bite so much/hard. She gets sprayed by a water bottle when she bites and I’ve never had to do that with a cat. She is really awesome but biting me by going UNDERNEATH the covers and biting my stomach, leg, or foot has to stop.
    • Well, she is getting sprayed more when she’s naughty. She does not get to come in the bedroom at night because she might snuggle at first but will always bite me later on.
  9. Enrich my life more. Again this is something I do but would like to see myself do more of. There are things I really enjoy like taking a bath, reading a book (Harry Potter AGAIN right now), lighting candles, walking somewhere new, journaling, etc. I’d like to prioritize my months to include more things I enjoy.
    • I can always do this more but ever since I joined the Girls in Craft Beer Book Club (follow them on Instagram). This has helped me put reading as a priority and I’ve moved my journal out of hiding so I remember to write at night.
  10. Expand my network. I’d love to meet more bloggers, learn from them, and collaborate with them! If you’re a blogger and want to inquire about collaborating, let’s talk! You can email me at []. 
    • This is going well! I hosted an RD Snack Exchange (click that link to learn more) and feel I’m starting to network some more.
  11. Continue finding my voice here. I recently took a course about planning the first quarter of the year for your platform and I realized how seriously I want to take this new adventure.
    • I realized that I do not need to find my voice. Hah! I have a voice. I’m just using it more honestly now.
  12. Do some art. Whether it’s design, photography, painting, drawing, sculpting…my mother is an incredible artist and I get a lot of this talent from her. I love using my creative side so I’d like to create some art this coming year.
    • I’ve done food photography but I would certainly like to paint, draw, or sculpt soon. Time to head to my mom’s studio!
  13. Budget with Steve. For some reason we thought it’d be smart to start tracking our spending the month before we got married…yea you can laugh at how silly that was! In 2019 we plan on joining forces (my name’s officially Holden instead of Boehme now) and looking at finances/budgeting more together to reach our financial goals.
    • I seriously get a high from budgeting. Yeah, anyone else!? It makes me really excited to set a budget limit and feel motivated to stick to it. It’s changed my outlook on how may times we go out (even just for beer) and it has stopped me from my excessive random Target trips.
  14. Continue working on my own relationship with food. This is a big one too! I’ve changed so much over the last 8 years of my 20’s and the way I perceive food, educate about nutrition, and select what to eat has changed drastically. Everyone has a relationship with food and like a personal relationship the memories, the hard times, the negative thoughts can be hard to shake. We can work on creating space for this, together.
    • This continues to grow and I feel strongly that it’s going well. I still listen to my own language around food and others’ as well.
  15. I’d like to get published on an online platform or magazine. It doesn’t have to be a full article, even a blip would be awesome! I feel it’s a lofty goal but if anyone has advice here, I’m all ears.
    • Actually, I’ve contributed to a couple of articles but I’d like to see this go further.
  16. Connect with some brands I love. I think it’s fun to share with people the brand of cooking equipment I love, the foods I pick, and why these things make my healthy lifestyle easier to maintain. Hopefully I’ll be connecting with some brands and/or local businesses this year.
    • I’ve joined multiple RD Ambassador programs with brands I buy all the time like Siggi’s, Banza, Manitoba Harvest Hemp and KIND. I’ve applied to other brands as well so stay tuned. Anytime I join these programs, please know it is my honest opinion. I do not buy or eat food I do not actually like or think is helpful. I’ll always share with you when they’ve given me free items.
  17. Update my one year of marriage scrapbook. I haven’t scrapbooked in foreeeeever but my mom (on our honeymoon) sent Steve and I with a surprise bag full of amazing goodies that made our honeymoon that much more special. She included a leather book with blank pages, double sided tape, and markers so we could put memories in from our first year of being married. So far I’ve updated it every month, I’ll share some with you come August 11, 2019!
    • I am BEHIND but I’m determined after our trip to Belgium to spend some time doing this.
  18. Travel to Belgium. Steve and I keep discussing international travel and we’re at the point where we just want to book a trip and go for it. We’ve never traveled this far together and we’d like to go before we consider trying to start a family. 
    • We are in Belgium right now! Hehe. Follow along on Instagram to see what I’m up to and where we are adventuring.
  19. Enjoy all that’s to come in 2019 that is expected, planned, unexpected, a surprise, a challenge, and a triumph. 2018 had a LOT happen between my sister having our first nephew, my other sister getting married, my neighbor/little sister getting married, AND Steve and I getting married…plus a marathon, a final dance recital, two moves, hip surgery, a cruise, a honeymoon, the loss of pets, the gain of a pet…and so much more.  
    • I think I have enjoyed this first quarter. One of the craziest things to happen is that Steve and I BOUGHT A HOUSE. I KNOW! We were shopping casually and happened across an amazing home. We knew it couldn’t hurt to put an offer in and then we got it. It has been a scary but very exciting adventure so far. I will definitely share how we design this space to feel like home with you all.

That’s my update! I hope you are all having a great week. Now that you’re through with the first quarter of 2019, is it time to reexamine any goals? What do you want to accomplish over the next quarter? Tell me below!

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