RD Snack Exchange 2019 / National Dietitian Day

Hi friends! If you don’t know, today is National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day!!! Yay, us! I can easily say I am so proud of the team of dietitians I work with both at work, through blogging, and friends as well. Each one of them is committed to serving individuals evidenced based nutrition education in each of their disciplines. See some of them below from my wedding! I’m excited to say there were 10 dietitians at our wedding.

So earlier this year one of my goals (see my post on my 2019 goals here) was to connect and network with some other dietitians who blog / run their own businesses / who are all around just awesome. I decided to host a snack exchange because who doesn’t love getting snacks in the mail!?

These ladies were so awesome for participating!

  • Jess Degore – Jess is a Registered Dietitian who is the author and owner of dietitianjess.com. Her private practice provides nutrition counseling and she specializes in sports nutrition, intuitive eating, and diabetes. Outside of nutrition Jess enjoys competing in triathlons, traveling, and checking out local breweries and restaurants. 
  • Kim Hoban – Kim is an intuitive eating and HAES dietitian and advocate. She shares easy and delicious recipes that are approachable for all. She’s also a new mama! She keeps it real and her blog is all about the three F’s; Food, Fitness, and FUN! Read her blog over at www.khnutrition.com.
  • Becky – This is Bex! She’s a Registered Dietitian (RD) and working as a bariatric dietitian. She loves to cook, explore the outdoors and encourage others to live healthy lifestyles. She recognizes the importance of a balanced approach to nutrition. You can find her at www.bexnutrition.com for nutrition tips and recipes. 
  • Melissa Morey – (Side note, I’ve actually known Melissa for years through school and beyond!) She’s an adventurer, photographer, living in the beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. She’s also a weaver and a wicked cake baker.
  • Jamie Rebecca- She’s a CT, registered dietitian on a personal weight loss journey! She discusses her journey, PCOS, mindfulness and much more! See her site www.thesleeveddietitian.com.
    • Instagram:
  • Lauren Pendergast – She’s a registered dietitian, foodie, runner, chocolate lover, weight lifter, and awesome blogger in the NYC area! Check out her site at www.nutritionbylauren.com.
  • Marissa McCormick – She is a registered dietitian working a full-time corporate gig out of Minneapolis, MN.  She’s a new mom & passionate about prenatal & postpartum nutrition/health and she recently launched her website www.marissamccormick.com as a way to help new moms find health & happiness in motherhood!  She share nutrition tips for pregnancy, breastfeeding & introducing solids to babies so mom’s can confidently nourish themselves & their families!  She loves to meet new moms on Instagram 🙂

My own partner was Jess Degore – she sent me a literal bag of goodies! From water enhancers, to electrolyte replacers, treats from her home State, granola bars, my favorite nut butters, tea, brownie mix, hemp seeds, and some delicious chocolate covered caramel. I felt so spoiled! We’ve also been emailing back and forth and turns out we have a good amount of things in common. I have enjoyed virtually getting to know her AND her and her husband might be making their way to Michigan sometime! It’d be fun to take this virtual experience to life 🙂 see below my goodies from Jess!

There wasn’t anything I didn’t like! I have not used my nuuns because I haven’t needed them yet but I’m falling hard for hemp hearts and True Lime packets!

That’s not all though, check out what other dietitians were exchanging with each other! To learn some more about the RD exchange or see other awesome dietitians I follow, look up to, get inspired by, and simply just love…head over to my instagram The_Beer_Dietitian and check out the story highlights saved from today!

Are you an RD wanting to participate in next year’s exchange? It’s a super easy, relaxed way to network with someone and also get a bunch of goodies in the mail too 🙂 Email me at Brewtition@gmail.com to get involved for next time!

Share your thoughts!

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