Second Trimester with Baby H/Yeti

Hello and happy Wednesday! First, I want to say thank you. If you are on my email-subscribe list you know that I announced that I am writing my first, for sale, E-Book!! I’m so excited about it and sharing the table of contents with you all made it even more real. Thank you for your feedback!

If you’ve been apart of this community you already know I’m pregnant if you’re new, welcome, I’m current pregnant with my/our first child! 

I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant and baby is the size of a large eggplant. I’ve enjoyed getting weekly updates from the Bump on baby’s development, size, and comparing it to random objects or food. Now that I’m into the third trimester, I wanted to share my second trimester thoughts, the ups and the downs.

I have mostly felt really-well. I had a cold that seemed to last forever mainly because I couldn’t sleep and that was brutal. Not being able to take anything and/or being stubborn about taking things that I “could” take…well let’s just say I’m glad to not have had more colds since then. Consistently, I’m very tired in the evenings and my bedtime has been earlier and earlier. Steve and I have noticed this impacting our evenings and our quality time together. After some digging, changing hours a little at work, and Steve getting a new job as well…we’re feeling like we have more time! 

I know everyone keeps telling me, WELL ENJOY IT NOW! But it’s not that way to me. Steve and I have a commitment to each other to keep our relationship about us and to make quality time a priority with and without baby. It’s what is healthy for us 😊

I’ve been able to continue working out 3-5 days a week. Some weeks are better than others and I do not beat myself up for that. I do know that my body is most comfortable in the morning (I swear baby pushes harder and harder on me in the evening) for exercise so I try to make it happen. I’ve been walking with gradual intervals of incline on the treadmill while watching Fuller House and doing strength videos on Youtube (Bodyfit by Amy is my go-to channel). 

Someone recently asked me what the hardest part has been and there are two things. Boobs and underwear. Yep. My breasts keep growing, yes it’s healthy and yes I want to breastfeed and yes I know they will keep growing. I don’t like it because it hurts my back (along with this yeti (aka Baby H)). I also don’t like maternity underwear but my current undies roll under my belly which is SUPER annoying.

That’s my biggest complaint! Lol! Aside from that I’m just working to take care of myself mentally and physically and to spend quality time with family and friends before Yeti arrives. One thing we’ve started to do is stock pile our household supplies (read here 30 things to stock up on before baby). It’s been helpful to know that we’re doing things ahead of time that will make the transition easier.

Questions? Feel free to comment below! Onto the third (but not final 😉 ) trimester – I hope to recap this one prior to the delivery and then I’ll share Yeti’s birth story as well.

Share your thoughts!

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