Simple Self-Care

Self-care is important and as of late I think it is trending. I see more and more memes, Instagram hashtags and posts encouraging the need for self-care. I like calling it, self-compassion. No matter which term you like better, I think it’s wise to ask yourself…how am I taking care of me?

Taking care of myself includes things like massages (from Steve), baths with lit candles and La Croix in a wine glass, exercise, cleaning/organizing, meditating and meal prepping. But…if someone experiences stress (who doesn’t!?), depression, or anxiety, it can make those forms of self-care seem daunting. Unhelpful thoughts creep in saying, “I should exercise or I should meditate.” When you “should” on yourself, you are more likely to end up not doing whatever it is you “should” be and you feel gutted with guilt.

In those moments, I find it helps to have a list of simple self-care or self-compassion methods to reground myself. Here are a few things on my list:

  1. Brush and floss my teeth
  2. Comb my hair
  3. Sip on water or tea
  4. Turn on uplifting music
  5. Sit or stand outside for fresh air (or sit by the window) – also known as time out for adults

Five things…five very simple doable things for me that I’ve found help when other forms of self-care are too much. Reground yourself with a few things that give you a sense of calm and the ability to quiet your thoughts. The more we turn to our simple forms of self-compassion, the easier other forms of caring for ourselves can become.

If you saw my latest Instagram post, I posted an example of this. Steve and I had pizza on Sunday and we curled up watching Big Bang Theory. I could have thoughts like, “I should eat something “healthier” or cook from scratch.” Instead, I enjoyed taking a break from cooking and focused on enjoying the relaxing time with my husband. The pizza became apart of the night instead of a focal point for unhelpful thoughts.


What do you think? Have you ever felt overwhelmed taking care of yourself and in need of simpler forms of care? What helps you feel more grounded?

I’d love to see your photos and forms of self-compassion! Tag me on instagram @the_Beer_RD!




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