Step-by-Step Trail Mix

I don’t know about you my meals and snacks start to drastically change the hotter it gets. I graze more while I’m doing summer projects and the heat does not make me want to eat anything hot.

Trail mix is one of those go-to summer time snacks for me, especially on beach days or all day projects. Sadly, many people feel trail mix is too high calorie or full of sugar so it’s, “not worth it.” I’m here to say, that’s just not the case! Well, when you make your own that is. I recently bought a trail mix and didn’t really look at what was inside, it was three different types of chocolate chips, M&M’s and dried fruit…this wasn’t filling or even that satisfying because it was too much sweet. I take scoops of it but add it to a handful of nuts or eat something else with it.

So sure, some store bought trail mix can have excess added sugar or salt to it. But it’s SO simple and much cheaper to make your own so I wanted to give you a step-by-step full proof way to make it!

The best part is that you can tailor it to fit your needs! I love trying new crunchy snacks like dried wasabi beans or dried banana and who would have thought they could go together? Hint, they totally can!

Meet, Duncan. The Diet Culture Monster

Now, I still hear you people who are fearful of trail mix or who fear the ability to stop eating it. Enter in Duncan, the diet culture monster. He made his debut on Instagram today and he’s someone I’ve been doodling for a while now and thought it was about time he joined the blog. To combat Duncan / your inner critic and fear around trail mix (or other snacks) try some of these mindful guidelines to help you feel more in charge.

  1. Eat slowly and take your portion out of the bag. If you have a big bag of trail mix, each handful isn’t going to look like it has made a dent! Whatever your portion, take it out to see it before you eat it.
  2. Try pairing it with cottage cheese or yogurt so you help yourself slow down your eating. You will likely feel fuller with the extra food group, dairy, which is typically not in trail mix (no I don’t really consider chocolate chips a serving of dairy!)
  3. Sit down. Even if you are hiking, just finishing up a task, or need a quick snack in between projects…sit down to eat. This can help you be more in the moment with your food and less out of touch.

So what is my step-by-step guide? Grab it below!

Makes 6, 1/2 cup servings or 12, 1/4 cup servings

My mixes almost always include something sweet but I’m all about throwing a savory or spicy crunch into the mix! I also like different textures which helps me feel more satisfied. I’ll use oatmeal square cereal with soft cashews and chewy dried fruit for three varying textures. What would you throw in the mix?

Share your thoughts!

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