Visiting a Local Farm

Hi everyone and happy Thursday! I got to go on a tour of Brechting Farms yesterday so I thought I would share the experience with you. Through a personal connection, I was invited to come and see the farm, tour the barn and silo, and I chatted with the farmer over some hot cider. Hello, perfect fall day!


Have you ever wondered why barns are most often painted red? I quick did a google search and the first reason that popped up was because rust was plentiful on farms (it killed fungi and mosses that might grow on barns) and it was an effective sealant. Then when paint was more popular, the red color barn tradition carried on. You can’t believe everything on the internet but I thought that trivia info might come in handy!

We spent a lovely afternoon walking the apple orchards, pumpkin patches and driving around the acreage. I heard about some of the amazing parties they’ve hosted (just had their 150 year celebration this summer!) and learned what a unique and awesome part of the community this farm is.

I picked some kale, gourds, pumpkins, and chose some squash, apples, and giant sweet potatoes to fill my car with. I posted on my Instagram story to help a sister out with some kale ideas…I don’t buy it too often! If I use it, it’s most often in soup or casseroles so any ideas are welcome.


Picking food grown in such a loved and tended to farm made me so excited and connected to this family. Not only that, but supporting a local food is said to reduce CO2 emissions, aids our local economy, it tastes fresh and I could literally see where it came from and it creates community and connection. Right now, many of us most of us thrive online – shopping less in person and more on Amazon (though I do love Amazon!). Yesterday was a nice change of pace to make a meaningful, in person connection with a great family company.

But seriously, any kale recipes you love?? Have you visited your local farms? How does it feel to shop more locally? 

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