What I’ve Been Up to this Fall & First Trimester Thoughts

Hello, lovely readers. I was going to start with an, “I am sorry” but realized that I’m not that sorry. I’ve toyed back and forth with feeling bad or not for not blogging as much. Feeling guilty because my extra time was being spent elsewhere. I’ve learned that guilt is non-productive so why bother with it? I am, however, happy to feel like I can get back into the swings of things here at Nutrition Brewed. <3

There’s a good reason why I have not been blogging! We’re expecting our first baby and I’m SO excited and understandably nervous too. My first trimester has been rough, much like many other mommas. Between nausea, fatigue, headaches (those haven’t gone away yet), upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea, food aversions and well…you name it I probably dealt with it to some degree. Oh the thick, luxurious hair I’m supposed to get? The hormones hit me heard and I lost a bunch of hair. Didn’t really see that one coming!

Our announcement with a beer themed onsie of course!

With all of that going on, I was getting home from my 40 hour work weeks unable to do much more than try to be active, eat, and sleep. You don’t know how many times I’ve wanted to take a nap on my lunch break at work! Thus, I hit the snooze button on blogging but it doesn’t mean my brainstorming stopped. I’ve actually got an even bigger project that I’ve wanted to conquer for quite some time…my own book(s)!

I am putting it out there as a public goal because I want to do this. I’ve wanted it since I started blogging back in 2013. I have seen so many other dietitians (among other awesome people) get published or make their own e-books, etc, that I just know I can do it too. Time to get to work!

Camping in Sleeping Bear Dunes this Fall

Of course, it’s time to get to work on a nursery as well. So a book project will just have to happen while this journey takes off too. With that in mind, I thought I would share some of my initial thoughts on the first trimester. There has been a lot of excitement and glee…but there was one thing I wasn’t ready for…the comments.

Commenting on my changing body was NOT what I expected.

As soon as people know you’re pregnant it seems there’s a desire to comment on how your body is changing. I’ve been told I look, “thicker” and that my, “boobs are huge for ONLY being 10 weeks along.” Also, I had someone tell me that they were surprised I already seemed to be putting on weight. Many of these came from clients and or people that know me in general terms and aren’t close friends. To me, questions about my body are fine but flat comments about their observations aren’t as desirable.

I have noticed too, that people like to tell you about a lot of the negative things that will inevitably happen to me and my body. Much more enjoyable are the conversations about how beautiful and amazing having a child is, how it’s the best time of my life, and how they’re unconditionally happy for me. I don’t ever mean to make someone feel awkward when they tell me, “you’re big!” But I truly don’t know how to respond. I’ll let you know when I develop the best response for me.

Enjoying lemonade while Steve gets mead from St. Ambrose Meadery

Maybe it’s different for anyone reading this and yes, I get it’s a conversation starter but try, “how are you feeling” instead of, “geeze you’re gonna need a bigger bra already.” Pregnancy is an amazing and incredibly exciting time, but it also makes you more vulnerable. If you’re someone who has ever struggled with body image, me included, these comments can be hard to take day after day. I can rejoice in the excitement a bit more now that I’m able to function better, but I just think commenting on anyone’s body at anytime is just unhelpful. Can you imagine going up to someone (who is or isn’t pregnant) and saying, “wow you should buy looser clothes, you’re so big!” Can you IMAGINE!? You’d rightfully so get slapped.

I digress. I love talking about my growing baby with others, I don’t mind someone acknowledging my bump/bloated end-of-day bump 😉 and I love that I get to share this journey with you all here. We’ve decided we are not going to find out the sex of the baby until the birth. Our nursery is adorably monster themed with lots of colors. Sofie definitely knows something is going on in my belly and I can finally enjoy my coffee again.

Sofie has become a bit more protective and likes to lay right by my stomach

Thank you for understanding (even if you didn’t notice, hah!) that I’ve been absent from here for a good reason. What I can tell you is that more content and recipes are coming. A book is getting underway and I just made pumpkin spiced donuts that I’ll be sharing soon.

Tell me, did others comment on your body during pregnancy? Did you let it roll off or did it bother you at all? Grab a beer for me and get ready for an exciting next six months!

Share your thoughts!

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