What to Bring In and Take Out of your Kitchen

Hi friends and happy Thursday! Thursdays are probably my favorite day of the week because they’re Friday-eves and we do encore night i.e. leftovers on Thursdays. I only work a few hours for my job on Fridays, I get to hang out with my little man, and I have more time for writing posts, taking photo, videos, and more! So I tend to get motivated on Thursdays as I anticipate the weekend.

On a side note…I started a Youtube channel! Ah! Click the link below to go check it out and subscribe if you like! It’s a little nerve wracking putting myself out there but I really enjoy it too. I hope you’ll visit and subscribe. Let me know if there is any specific content you would like to see or hear me discuss. Currently I’ve only been uploading my Fun with Food Fridays that I do on Instagram.

Come say, “Hi” on my Youtube Channel – Jessi Holden the Intuitive Kitchen

Getting back on track, today’s post is all about our kitchen. To me, the kitchen is a sacred space in our homes. We spend a LOT of time here both cooking, eating, playing, bathing (if you’re Lincoln), and talking. I have had some of the best conversations with family and friends gathered in the kitchen. How about you?

I know that not everyone’s space is what they desire in a kitchen. Not everyone has a kitchen island (but yes, Joanna Gaines we love them) and sometimes we don’t like cooking! Does your kitchen get in the way of you cooking more at home? Is it organized? Messy? Cluttered? Do you have space to chop vegetables or wash dishes? These kinds of things can impact our ability and desire to cook so let’s go over a couple of kitchen organization hacks. We’ll talk about what to bring in, what to take out, or what to replace. 

Things to Bring In

  • Cook books that inspire you and have easy to follow recipes you’ll actually use
  • A cookbook stand for your books or iPad if you’re like me and get most of your recipes online. OR use a hanger with two clips, clip the book open and hang from your cupboard knob. Brilliant, right? I saw this on Tik Tok.
  • A saved Google doc with the links to the recipes you try online. Don’t forget to write notes and take photos! Recipe developers (like me) love seeing that you’ve tried their recipes. Alternatively you could create a meal planning binder where you record your meal plans and keep them logged there.
  • A candle or decorative piece that brings some calm or tranquility to your space
  • Shelves to organize spices on that allow you to see all of them
  • Dish towels and a basket for clean and dirty ones. Help reduce paper waste by cutting back on paper towel. Let’s be honest, dish towels clean up messes WAY better anyways!
  • A wall mail box to collect mail, magazines, etc.

Things to Take Out

  • Cook books that are actually diets in disguise. Often these are set up to be low-calorie, low-fat, low-sugar, or low-carb and they do not promote intuitiveness with food or cooking. There is A LOT more to this but getting rid of these can help free up space to focus on nourishing your body in a way that works for YOU.
  • Appliances you’re not using. If you have room in a different area or closet store them there. They collect dust and can take up a lot of usable counter space
  • Bills, homework, and paperwork that gets lost on the table.
  • Dirt and grime! Okay, you can’t take this out permanently but getting into a good cleaning schedule helps your space feel inviting and can help you cook more often
  • Take out the stinkin thinkin that cooking healthy meals is hard and boring. If you’re struggling with this, reach out to me!

These are just a few ideas of things that I do to keep my kitchen space welcoming, both to me, my family and any guests. Not that we have many guests over lately, but one day when things are back to, “normal” my kitchen will be there for all the conversation catch ups we’ll have.

Kitchens (and babies) can be very messy

Lastly, I have to share with you all that I am starting my first home renovation project, my pantry!. So far I’ve got ideas from Pinterest on the visual side of things but now I’m in the measure, plan, and lay it out phase. I’m so excited! Here’s the before (I think it used to be a laundry closet) and I can’t wait to show you the after.

I cannot WAIT to redo this awful closet!

Does your kitchen need some sprucing up? Have you ever done a complete renovation? Tell me about it below!

Share your thoughts!

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