What to do with Halloween Candy

Are you having trick or treaters tonight? We live in a great neighborhood to have visitors but sadly Steve and I will both be working late and not able to pass anything out. This did not stop us from getting a little candy to have at home. We went to the Peanut Store in Holland this past weekend and stocked up on our favorites. I found myself practicing intuitiveness because while I’m usually someone with a mega-sweet tooth…each candy I looked at I was happy to just purchase one of. For example, I absolutely love bit-o-honeys…am I alone here!?! I normally would want tons of them around the house but when I held one, I felt I would be satisfied by just one. Hello saving money!

I’ve been asked a lot about what to do with all of the Halloween candy. Many people I work with struggle to have things like this in the house so here are some ideas.

  1. If you don’t want to hand out candy, handout a non-food item! I know, I know…but it is an option.
  2. If it’s too tempting and you’re not ready to have that candy bowl in your hands all night, purchase candy that you does not interest you.
  3. Practice telling yourself, “I can have this” instead of telling yourself, “I shouldn’t have this.” The “shoulding” will often lead to feelings of restriction, increased temptation, and guilt. Changing the internal language we have about food is MUCH easier said than done. As a suggestion, you could practice this with foods you feel comfortable with first.
  4. Enjoy a healthy, filling dinner with you and your family before trick-or-treating. If you’re like many of us, being hungry and grocery shopping means a lot of random extras magically find their way into the cart. Trick-or-treating is another event that could be more difficult to face if you’re hungry.
  5. Changing the focus of what you’re doing can help too. Focus on the costumes, festivities, and the enjoyment of seeing all the fun costumes. If our mind is focused solely on candy, candy, candy…you might get to the end of the night and not remember the costumes you saw.

Now, I do remind people that eating candy is not a bad thing and enjoying some is totally fine! Everyone has to do what works best for them and no matter what you do with the candy tonight, put on your best costume and have fun!

A question for you all, I’m tempted to do a common thread I see other dietitians post called, “what I ate Wednesday.” I do get asked quite a bit what a dietitian eats like, I assure you it’s probably a lot like yourself! Let me know if you would be interested in seeing that each week 🙂 Also, have you signed up for my weekly mailer? If not, you can sign up below!



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