What you Need to Know about a Positive Food Environment

Hi friends, happy 2021! This being my first post of the year, I wanted to talk about something that will set the stage for what’s to come here at Holden Nutrition. We’re talking about our food environments today!

Why is that important and what does it have to do with my blog? I have wavered back and forth on topics and niches and I have internally debated what path to take…when it hit me. My goal here at Holden Nutrition is to help you trust your intuition in the kitchen, at the table, at a restaurant and more. I also want to put the fun back in food! All too often our culture robs us of enjoying our food choices no matter what they are and I constantly hear about how you “hate cooking” or “don’t know what to make” or just find cooking frustrating. Well friends, I am showing UP for this and I cannot wait to take on this year with you all.

All this to say, today we’re focusing on decreasing stress in our food environments which ultimately leads to less stressful food choices.

Let’s review my top five tips for this, shall we?

1) Remind yourself that all foods are on the table and can fit in your life but don’t have to. You have a right to choose which foods belong or do not belong in your space.

2) If you find yourself in the auto-pilot eating phase (we’ve all been there!) create a message to yourself to help turn the switch. A positive and gentle message is best such as, “let me take a second to pause and walk away. Something must be going on because I’m not feeling connected to what I am doing, this is auto-pilot. It is normal but I think I will take a pause.” You can shorten that but keep the message gentle.

3) Ask yourself if your food choices and method of eating is really working for you. Or is it causing you stress? If the answer is even a little bit stressful then we you may want to investigate. Many people dive into 30-day plans and diets at the beginning of the year. It’s understandable, but remember our goal is less stress as a whole.

4) Try not counting calories. Did you know that for many people, counting can cause a lot of stress and anxiety? I get it, most apps and plans want you to track. I truly believe for some people there can be helpful times to reflect and sort out different issues…but it is not necessary in order to be healthy and can cause more harm than good.

5) Remember your nutrition basics – Protein, carbohydrates, and fat – be honest, which nutrient do we praise the most? Which do we try to stay away from? Is that balance REALLY working for you? Remember that all nutrients play vital roles in our body:

  1. Protein – Builds and repairs body tissue, provides antibodies, helps maintain hormones, enzymes, and transport of nutrients
  2. Carbohydrates – ENERGY. Fiber especially helps to also maintain your gut health, digestive system, regulates blood glucose levels and reduce LDL cholesterol. When we’re too low in carb intake, this can cause stress and therefore an inflammatory response in the body.
  3. Fat – Large role in satiety, nutrient absorption, and works as an anti-inflammatory

So how might this change your environment?

I’m a firm believer that your environment starts with where your head is at. Be gentle on yourself and know that working on these five tips can help you honor your health and wellbeing, while also freeing you to honor cravings and desires.

Need help doing this? I’ve got you covered ALL year! Head to my shop and check out the 2021 Calendar I created. Every day has a tip to try, a motivational reminder, or ideas for meal planning and food fun. Then, make sure to follow me on Instagram to get even more daily tips!

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